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Secure mode
Apparently my day of defeat source server won't show up running a secure filter in steam, yet when I type in console:

18:38:21 "sv_secure" = "0"
- Server is using Valve Anti-Cheat

It says its using VAC but secure is 0? Any ideas on this?
Any error messages on system startup? What about yoru startup up parameters. Are you behind a router/firewall and I will go ahead and assume that your server is up to date.

Also keep in mind that servers have been having issues with VAC and security turning off randomly. But does your server show that VAC connected when you first launch the console?
I will double check these things but someone told me to try run "-secure" in the startup parameters.
no -secure is not needed to secure the server. Your server attempts to go secure automatically.

HOWEVER to insecure it you do need -insecure in start up. but why would you want a server hackers can get into?
I am running cs source on the same box and use -secure in the line and it works ok. My dod line:

./srcds_run -game dod +maxplayers 24 -port 27016 -tickrate 66 +ip XX.XXX.XX.XX +map dod_anzio -autoupdate
From another forum:

"That is a VAC bug and nobody is quite sure what is causing it. For some reason or another VAC seems to be randomly not working on servers at random intervals. "

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