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rcon question
just a quick question.. i cannot use rcon while being outside of my network

the game is accessbile to the world, but is unable to connect with rcon outside of my lan

the server runs behind a router, and all ports necessary are open and forwarded

so if anyone has any ideas or such then it would be greatly appreciated
thanks again

Have you tried using rcon using your internal ip?
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never ever tried it but i wonder if you rcon your server name??? sounds crazy but may indeed work...i mean if you add a server you can do so by either ip or name right...

you need an exact way to contact the server, and that is by IP although hostname may work. Thats internet hostname and not server hostname Gaming Servers
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this how its setup

/ \
/ \
.167 .2
| |
server desktop

when i play from my desktop i can get rcon to work... but from outside the network rcon wont work. strangely.. ppl connect on 27015 which is from my understand what rcon uses to connect.

i start my server with +ip *.167 because it wont bind without it so im not exatacly sure what i can do next

but thanks for everyones help
i experienced the same probleme.

I fixed it starting the server with -ip local_ip_address

I just wonder if your server appears on the steam server lists. Because mine doesn't, and as we have quite the same configuration... [the server appears just if u add it manually with the ip : port

for info :
yes my server is listed on the steam server list, my server is full 24/7 i have to kick ppl to play.

i have +ip lan_ip in my start up, but anywhere outside of my lan rcon is broken.

maybe i dont have the correct ports to listen to
does rcon use UDP? or TCP?

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