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FTP Server For Maps And Sounds
Instead of clients downloading Maps/sounds from the SRCDS itself (This causes lag sometimes), can i make an FTP server and let them download the Maps/Sounds From there?

If I can, what commands do i put in the CFG Files. I already have the FTP Server setup.

Thank You.
the ftp server would have to be located on a differen't box at a differen't connection, because if downloading off the server causes lag, then the ftp server would probly totally lagg out the server. game servers only have a trickle download, where ftp server will let them download as fast as your connection will go.

other then that it should work as long as the server allows annonmous connections.

oh and the commans you would have to put in the cfg file is sv_downloadurl with the url of the ftp server after that so it would be like
sv_downloadurl ftp://yourftpipaddress
The FTP server is in a different box and i different location. It also has its own dedicated connection so ther would be no lag to the game server.

alright, then it might work.. i haven't tried it, but i don't know why not... you could always just install apache though and run your own webserver.

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