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Ram, and tickrate
Hey guys whats up im new to linux, and ive been runnin my hlds for a couple days off it know. I moved to linux thinkin it used less ram but it actually uses more, when i would run windows with the server running it was about 220 and on linux with it running it uses almost 400. Does this make any sense it not laggin, just don't understand those numbers. Also in my command line when i start then game is were im spose to ad the tickrate right (-tickrate 100) i do that and then when i join the server in my console it say (mani plugin server tickrate set to 100)Skipping, why would it be skipping this. Any help would be great thanks guys. Sorry for the nooob questions.
linux manages memory differently than windows it doesnt start hitting the swap nonstop when it runs out it just moves things around and swaps out what isnt being used frequently so you dont really dont notice the swap hits.
RAM shouldn't cause lag, if that what your trying to sya.

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