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Run scripts and configs???
I can run cfgs easily.
But does anyone know how to run a lua script in SRCDS?
And does anyone know how to stop them.
I want to set my game up in game modes. I want to stop a certain groups of configs and start another...
Any clues on how to do this?

Or anything similar?
you could just set all the configs in different files.. and when you wanted to execute a certain config just type "exec filename.cfg" and it will load up that script.. and then to stop it you could make a config with the defaults named stop.cfg and just type "exec stop.cfg" and if you want it timed, i think mani has a feature where it will execute something at a certain time.. not to sure on that though.
Mani = no. It doesnt work on Gmod. Thansk though. That wil work Smile Duhno bout LUA though

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