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Console Problems
Hey, I have a server that I learned how to use myself and configured myself for bloody ages Big Grin Buts that beside the point.

I have seen many servers in my past including my own with the top of the CMD box with the IP and FPS I think.
Now I don't have that. I use my own made batch file to start my server because I am beond lazy.
So could anyone cofirm its the batch file start up or if its something else causing the FPS not to be shown by my server?
this FPS is shown but (like mine) you have to scrool up all the way on the dedicated server console to see it (its a drag).

[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]
If you have rcon access to the server, all you should have to do is type "rcon stats" and look at the "FPS" category.
How do I get the FPS boost tool Big Grin . I had it but deleted it...
you know.. i actually don't even know where to get that anymore, but honestly.. just use serverchecker to start the server, it has fps book built into it, and it works better then the batch file to start the server in my opinoin.

Unsure about that. I like my batches and just controling from my console... I have so much knowledge of the whole SRCDS now... But obviously I don't know everything Toungue
Hmmm. I will look for the booster... On /high its up about 200 with 8 people on it...
P4 3.2 Ghz 1Gig RAM Geforce FX 5700 256MB.
all server checker will do is load the server.. the server console and everything will still be the same. server checker just loads the server, and if you enable fpsbooster it will do that. it will also restart the server incase it hangs or crashes.

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