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My server not in serverlist and people can't join. please help
i have a dedicadet server with a mod named Garry's Mod(the newest version)

can i have this in the lauch options for source dedicadet server

-game gmod9 -maxplayers 5 -console +map gm_construct.bsp

i have turned off my firewall and sv_lan 0 on..

I got a Router(3 persons use the router)
i got a wireless internet..

i don't have any idea why people can't see my server

please contact me
My email address(send mail)
Try removing the .bsp from the end of the map name.
Ok i gonna try ill send a message here in 5 mins
cross your finger for meToungue
Will do!
well no one joined.. i took a picture of the command screen..
zoom for the commands.. tell me if something is wrong.. i did see many errors

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What router are you behind?
Wireless SOHO Router

so it let you join? but it won't let anyone else.. do you ahve the ports forwarded on the router to the internal ip address?
Just people on my network can join..:S i must in to the router to get the ports and ips ?
you have msn messenger? so i goes faster to talk about it
mine is
alright if people in your network can join, it is most definatly a port forwarding issue. you will have to log in to your router config, and forward the server ports. and the internal ip address is the ip of the computer running the game server. when people connect outside the lan they will have to connect to your external ip address, you can find that at
SlipKnot Wrote:you have msn messenger? so i goes faster to talk about it
mine is

no i don't have msn messenger.
I have to get the password to our router
yup you will have to do that. thats the only way to get a server to run on a setup like that.
i just need to get the ips and stuff ? or i have to configure the router ?
im in the router now i found something named Default server
im not english so..
sometimes i got spelling problems

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