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How much data transfer per person?
I would like to know what type of connection I need to buy in order to run a lag free server. Basically I want to know how much data transfer a single CSS player uses per second. With a 500GB a month transfer limit how many players would I be able to host? 2x20 man servers, 5x32 man servers?

It depends on how often the servers have people playing in them. Also, remember hardware requirements. It takes some hardware power to run multiple, populated, servers.

I have never had an active CS:S server, but I was running a 32 person DOD:S pub at one point. It was taking about 8 GB per day with the server full for about 4 hours per day.

Currently, I'm running a 16 person HL2-DM server and it's taking about the same.

Attached is my daily bandwidth usage report from my provider. Note that the "In" and "Out" values are reversed, since this is being measured from their switch. This is the bandwidth being used by a 16 person HL2-DM pub, which is full around 5 hours a day. I also attached a RRD graph I made myself.

.jpg   gb.jpg (Size: 102.02 KB / Downloads: 36)

.jpg   rrd.jpg (Size: 34.1 KB / Downloads: 19)
cool thanks! anyone else have any stats on their usage?
well there was this site call that this guy had made a theoretical chart on player usage, but the site seems to be down. but my best guess is 500 Gb a month transfer would be more then enough to handle 2, 20 man servers.
Well - my 26 slots dod:s server is using 120kbytes/sec.
Its a bit less in one way, but not much.
i have the same problem well not problem dillema i need to know how much bandwith to buy with my server

were planning on hosting as many 32 man servers as possible and we are thinking of getting 324 gb with the server

so i need to figure out how much a person uses aswell

but i think your replies might help me some
well the thing is, the server is not always gonna be full. so really you would probly be more then safe just having enough bandwidth for like 23 people all month, maybe even just 16, more so when you first start the server. because when you first start a server there probly won't be that many people in it 24/7. 324GB would more then likely be enough, especially for the first month, and you should be able to monitor the bandwidth used and if you get near the limit you should be able to upgrade to get more bandwidth.

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