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screen command & sh file don't work

I've installed a Counter-Strike: Source server on my Linux server, with this tutorial:

When I run srcds_run, my server starts and I can connect, so that's OK.
But when I enter this command: "screen -x css-server", it says "There is no screen to be attached matching css-server." and nothing happens!

I've made the file, but when I try to run .sh-files, I get this error: ": bad interpreter: No such file or directory".

The "screen"-thingy is installed.
I'm in the right directory when I try to execute the file.
The matches the one on the tutorial.
Yes, the #!/bin/sh line is correct, I use /bin/sh.
Yes, is in the same directory of srcds_run.

Can someone help me out here?

Thanks in advance,
Just use screen -x As long as you only have one screen running it should show you the css server if not I think it shows a list of running screens.
How are you trying to run the file. For my launch script I have to run it like this
You would normally see that error if that particular shell isn't a) installed on your system or b) in the place you specified (both of which seem unlikely with a vanilla install). You can verify its existance by typing: "ls /bin/sh" and seeing if it returns "/bin/sh".

Change the first line of your script to !#/bin/bash and see if you have any success.
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