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Connect Through a LAN
I have 2 computers on a LAN.
One connects through the other to the internet.
I want the one that isn't directly connected to be a server.
Can you tell me how to do this.
Whoa, so your using this setup? ....

::: INTERNETS ::: - Computer 1 - Computer 2

If so that is probably not the best setup for network because if the one computer crashes, so will your server connection. I suggest in investing in a router, a wired only router does not cost that much and would be a great help.
but the good thing about the setup he has is its a lot easier to secure the network =) i had mine set up that way goin through my windows 2003 server, but that slowed down my net cuz that computer sux and is way over workd 24/7 lol.

but that can be a pain to configure especially if the front computer isn't a server operating system, it probly would be best if you just got a router.

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