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Why cant people join my server!!!!????
when i start up a server on srcds and type in status it sais my ip as my LAN ip and not as my internet ip therefore not letting other people joini presume. Any sugestions to what i can do pleasE???!!
If you are behind a router it will say that.

Now why do you need to your external IP to be shown? Is it dynamic? or is it static. If it is dynamic you can try this to make sure people can always connect to your server....

So you could have players connect to something.something.something and a small program on your computer always keeps that DNS up to date when your ip changes.
yea.. dynamic ip's blow.. although mine hasn't changed for almost half a year now =) maybe my isp just decided to be nice and keep giving me the same ip. lol.

but yea.. the server will always show the lan ip, and with the ports forwarded correctly to the lan ip then people will be able to connect to the external ip and everything will work just fine.

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