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Next weekend i have a LAN Party, though there is no internet connection available (at all) and we're all wanting to kick eachothers but in CounterStrike Source. Therefore i installed a fresh linux box with srcds. Works fine... as long as a connection is available. I know older versions of CS (1.x) before steam came into picture, were able to run without a connection.

Please tell me there is a solution, otherwise i've been downloading for 2 days with hldsupdatetool for nothing :'( and we'll not be able to play much interesting games next weekend.
yes, you can play LAN.
Set the +ip to a Class C IP and it will run offline. Gaming Servers
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hi, class c address isn't neccesary.

I found the solution on a german forum, just add




to your command line and voilà, one offline running server coming up

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