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I have an old PC collecting dust in my office here at school. It's a P3 700MHZ with 256MB of memory. Do you think I could swing a ten slot private CS:S server on it ? If that's possible how high could I go with the tickrate before I start overloading the CPU ? Bandwidth isn't a problem as we have an OC-3 fiber connection that I'm connected to via a gigabit switch. I just thought maybe I could put the box to good use rather than let it collect dust for the rest of its life.
[Image: minisig.gif]
well i have seen it done. but honestly i don't know how lol. all i can say is try.. it never hurts to try, and thats the best way to know if you can or not is trial and error... it would be a shame to let that connection go to waste.. lol. i found out how much it could cost for me just to get like a 5 mb\s link bothways.. it was like 200 a month O_O, i about cried..

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