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Joining the Server on the Same Network...
When I try to join my server from another PC on my network, It says I am already logged in.. Any other server I can join...

I do have steam installed on the server but it is off..would it hurt to delete steam?? i will probably never play on there again.. and is that even my problem?

help would be greatly appreciatedBig Grin

Edit: Other people can join the server flawlessly... IP is

Edit 2: Uninstalled Steam...maybe change the ip on the server...

Edit 3: Using a linksys router with DHCP enabled...
Well, I just used the PC's router IP to connect...worked great!!

Thanks !!
yup.. when behind a router you will have to connect to the pc's lan ip, everyone on the other side of the router in internet land has to connect with your external ip address.
Ok, I am having the excact same problem, except I can;t figure out how to fix it. I have the lan server running on my laptop and when I go to play it on my desktop (it shows up under the lan tab) I get a message saying that my steam ID is already in use...
Also, anyone on the network who joins gets this same error...
Could someone please help me through this?
are you joining through the lan tab? with the lan ip? you will have to connect with the lan ip...
sv_lan 0?

Make sure that is used also

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