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I don't know if this has been asked before, but is it possible to have steaming music for your server? Something that maybe reads from some of the shoutcast stations or something. And be able to break it down into a command, say "Play Rock" "Play Rap" or something?
im sure its possible through scripts and such.. i just don'tknow much abut them.. zealot knows a bit about them.. hopefully he sees this.
Ahh, thanks, now I know it is possible, just gotta figure out how.
I've been in a server once that had steaming music, and you said "DJ" and it would start playing.

Thanks for the help!

Anyone figure out how to do this?
i would really like to know how to do this too. i know how to set it to play when u join (a certain song) but and i know that there are some mattie event scripts that let u play them but i dont like how they work. really your choose is to have a website and send the music there. then make a webpage that u can click on the songs and play them and go to (in mani) to your webshortcutlist.txt and add the word u want to the players to say to launch the website. (EX: music "

thats all i know how to do it. i think your talking about the house of god server ive been there and i like that too. there is also the robos**9k 24/7 office server that plays songs when u join (random songs) and it even plays when the server changes map it still plays while your load or when u minimixe (while in the server) i would like to know more about how they set that up.
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Yes, I have done it Big Grin, all you need to do is embed a media player with all the correct settings in your motd. You may wanna have fast internet though.

Dont go the MOTD route, use eventscripts...

Get the eventscripts plugin, educated yourself about it and then use this script...

Streaming through MOTD is not good, this script is perfect for what you want.

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