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Im proper fed up
I run a HL2DM server called *** Superserver DM ***

and everyone else is getting goodies to play with except us DM users.

CTF - CS - and others all get things like mp_restartgame they also get trigger events like Headshot. I have been intouch with Mani for mani admin and Mattie for Matties scripts moth mods i have running on my server.

When I ask them about these funky features they tell me its a Valve/HL2 issue not theirs.

This is where i get stuck how come the engine is the same but we cant all have similar facilities I appreciate thinks surrounding Flags or Buying in Counter-Strike are mod specific but some features would be extremely helpfull to us guys running proper harcore DM servers.

Can anyone shed some light on this i am pulling what little hair i have left out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps if all the other guys who want these features could back me up we may be able to get something done?

well for one.. if you want something done.. this really wouldn't be the place to try. lol.. this forum has no direct connection with vALVE... unless there hiding something from me. but if you want answers try the hlds mailing list.. theres a couple vALVE employees that watch that mailing list (although they haven't been on much lately... still on vacation i think) heres a link to the list.

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