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Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Group Server (can't showing all server)
Dear Admin,

I have create 7 Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated server (i call it Server A to Server G), but when i login from my client i can't see them all. i only see 6 server in my server browser, if i turn off on of them i can see that not listing server show up.

for example :
in my server i run 7 Server (Server A, Server B,Server C,Server D,Server E,Server F & Server G)
in my client i only can see 6 Server (Server A, Server B, Server C, Server D, Server E & Server F)
but if i turn off one off them (i turn Server A)
so in my client i can see 6 Server (Server B, Server C, Server D, Server E, Server F & Server G)

Can U help me to make my client can see all of the 7 Server.

How have you spread out your ports?

Also I wonder if L4D has a limit to how many servers a single community can have.

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