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Can you PLEASE offer the updates as a downloadable option instead of messing up our server with these autoupdates??????????????

I am so sick and tired of constantly spending hours trying to fix these server after your updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for one.. this site has zero control over the updates, we just try to help fix things after vALVE messes it up. and the autoupdate is the best way to go, because the clients have to update, and once they update they will not be able to connect to an out of date server. please dont post useless hate messages here Toungue its not our fault
I dont have that many problems when updates come around. I mean theres things that i know happen and are easy to fix but i dont spend ours fixing problems that the auto updates make. If your haveing problems why not post something about the problems.
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Where can I find a v26 patch for CSS? not for server, but for CSS. i have v26 on my server and i just cant connect...
if your css client is valid through steam it will automatically update with the restart of steam. if you can not connect to the server the server may be out of date.
Updates are important, but yes they can also cause problems.

Steam tries there very best to avoid this, but with programs being complicated more and more based on how many lines of code they have, sometimes it cant be avoided.

Just hang in there and we can help you out when we start to see problems

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