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Server Optimisation
Hey guys,

Just wondering if there's anything that we haven't thought of that we can modify with our server setup to get the most out of our hardware whilst running SourceTV relays.

From what I understand the only 2 commands that I can really use are tv_maxrate and tv_snapshotrate (although even that seems to be master only) and I'm not too sure these will be of much help.

I've managed to limit the server to 33 "tick" outbound using some rate commands in the config, however I'm not sure if these will have an effect on the quality (I wouldn't have thought so if the snapshotrate defaults to 16) or whether they will genuinely bring down CPU/bandwidth usage and benefit us.

If anyone could spread a little light or let us in on some secrets to make sure even when we have 250 clients on a relay, it doesn't lag - that would be great!


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