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Running off 1 installation
how do i run many servers off 1?
Hmmm. I have run multiple off of the same computer, but for each one I had a separate folder with the complete srcds installation. I did once accidentally start my screen startup script twice and 2 processes were running (srcds_amd), so I would imagine it is possible. I think that it would lead to conflicts especially if any plugins were running, but I am no expert.

Good luck,

Hey, check this out!

about 1/4 the way down there is a post on setting up multiple servers.

That works well. The problem I run into is when running mani-mod on each of the servers. They try to access the same config and stat files at the same time, which creates errors.

Has anyone run 2 servers off the same install while running different configurations of mani-mod for both?
I was going through the mani documentation and found this under the mani_server.cfg. I have not tried it but it seems like it should work.
Quote:For multiple installations where you require a different plugin configuration to be used add ‘+mani_path mani_admin_plugin’ in your startup script that runs the server. Replace mani_admin_plugin with the path you need to use for your instance. If the option is not added to your startup script the default will be mani_server.cfg.

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