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Making a Gmod TTT Server
I read the thingy in the Categorey thing. lol

CPU/MotherBoard : i7 Sandy Bridge
Game : GMOD
RAM : 16G
OS : Win7
Mods : Not using any... I dont even know how...

Well here is the problem im trying to run a 20-30 slot server on GMOD and i want the server to be "Trouble In Terrorist Town" ( A gamemode ) but i have NOOOO idea how to do this at all... Im very new with this steam server hoster. Please help me. I port forwarded everything it said too on the GMOD wiki and i can get on it and its very smooth i just want to be able to make it a TTT server and put mods on it. Please help!!!
First link in google...
~ trewq

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