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How to crach windows CS:S server?
Hello everybody,
I'm newbie on this forum and I've created this thread only for one reason =) So, I decided to create my own Counter-Strike Source server everything goes well, but only one problem =) So I'm non-steam player and I use "v38 patch" I know that this patch is newest, so how to crack my server and make it nonsteam? =) Thanks for helping. Btw, I my computer uses windows 7
We don't like non-Steam servers on here.
(02-03-2012, 08:24 PM)Mike Wrote:  We don't like non-Steam servers on here.

It doesnt matter just help me Smile_
Penitentiary this is actually quite easy!
1) Download and install steam from
2) Create an account
3) Go to this page:
4) Add the game to your cart
5) Check out using a credit card or paypal.
6) Install a normal version of SRCDS and use that!

I hope this helps!
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