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Managing 10+ SRCDS installations
Hi guys,

So me and the folks in our clan are probably going to get a new dedicated server where we can host ~10+ SRCDS instances. The games will be TF2 and some L4D(2) servers. What I want is a fully automatic system, where updates are applied automatically whenever VALVE pushes an update, my current system runs a cronjob at 7 'o clock and shuts down all the servers, then update them one by one, this is time consuming and it requires a lot of bandwidth, so would it be possible to move them all into one dir and then use different SourceMod installations and different servercfg files?

Also, how can I manage these fast and simple, I was thinking using rsync over to my local server where I can host a mirrored copy of every sourcemod installation, but that requires a lot of hassle too. So is there a way to manage them with ease?

Would a GameCP do my job easier? If so, what is the best free one for Linux (Debian) that supports game-installation and updating? I have been looking at GamePanelX, which does indeed look nice. Since I run Linux-servers only, TCAdmin won't be a choice. I've also looked at "UGGC" but that does not support game-installation, only updating. The SwiftPanel CP does look nice too, but is that in development yet, or is it dead..?

tl;dr easy ways to manage a lot of servers
Take a look at Maybe it is something you could use.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download
Why don't you just update one instance and copy that one to the others (except for the cfg and addons folders). It's not that hard to write a script you can run in the crontab.
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Don't know, because I don't know bash scripting I suppose.
Give it a try... pm the script.
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Well, the point is that it doesn't really bother me, the updating bit, because it is done automatically and I'm asleep when it does it. What does bother me is that I don't have an efficient way to monitor and manage the gameservers, any recommendations of a gamepanel?
For updates... you could run a script that updated an un-used install every hour and then checks the game version against the live servers.
If the servers are out of date: give a 5 min warning, shut down, update using the mast you are checking with, boot server back up.

As for game panels... do you want a web-end, or just a system that helps you better managed 10 server?
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What's the difference between a web-end and a system that helps me manage 10 servers? I was thinking something that allows me to do one-click installs of servers and letting all my admins reboot the servers if anything happened (most trusted admins, not all). I was kinda thinking of GamePanelX, because it seems like it has got everything I need.
I think I'm going to use GamePanelX, it seems like it's the best one out there that's free.

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