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HL2MP Server on Windows 7
First off, here are the details that you require.

Intel Xenon X3220 2.4GHz Quad Core
4GB of ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition
Half life 2 Deathmatch (HL2MP)
Start up command, I have tried navigating to the directory in command prompt, and running it that way, I have also just attempted to open srcds.exe through windows, but nothing happens. It is as if you don't click on it.

Now I have ran a temp server like this before on Windows XP, and I never had any of the issues that I seem to have here on Windows 7. Even tried compatibility mode.

C:\srcds\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir C:\srcds

That is the command I used to install it, which seemed to have went fine.

My problem is the server will not start. I can click on it, and nothing happens, same if I try to run it from command prompt.

Any ideas?
lol ok well therer should be a hl2dm srcds thing. well make a shortcut and add this in the shortcut properties
-console -game hl2mp -tickrate 66 +fps_max 999 +maxplayers 10 +map dm_lockdown +exec server.cfg
Thank You! That worked a charm and also made me realize something I forgot to do lol. I forgot to create a server.cfg file. Thanks!!

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