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Random Lag Spikes...
Hello folks,

I've been experiencing random lag spikes on my servers. In other words the game play stops and then continues for a second or two.

I am running the following system:

Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz
Decent HD
Fedora Core

So no problems in the hardware department. This has been happening since last weekend. I at first though it could be an overload issue, but it's been happening with 5 or less people in a server. It's getting ridiculous. I don't know what else to provide (since I'm absolutly clueless on what could be causing it).

Please ask for more information and I will provide, or feel free to post possible fixes. The Kernel is also the updated version of 2.6. So not worries on that end.

What kind of connection are you running these servers on? Are you overloading the internet connection? Are you getting any packet loss to your server?

Have you checked into how much CPU each of your servers are using? You should be able to check each by using "top", or "ps aux". If I get above 90% CPU usage, I usually start seeing random spikes on my servers.

Sometimes my HL2-DM servers use lots of CPU with nobody even in them. My simple fix is to restart the server and restart srcds. It seems to fix the problem.
Well, that's a given because of how broken the srcds is. However, now restarting and such doesn't work.

It could be the network (it runs on a 10mb/s burstable) and was absolutly fine until last weekend.

I haven't noticed and strange CPU disburstments either. This is really really fustrating.

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