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CS:S Zombie Escape - Odd Issues :(
Hi Guys,

I have tried troubleshooting this issue myself but I have hit a serious roadblock. I run a small gaming community that has 3 servers and one of those servers is a moderately popular Zombie Escape server. The server seems to have an odd issue on particular maps that no other server seems to suffer from.

If anyone is familiar with some of these maps, they are popular maps that have bosses you can fight during the escape process. The problem is that these bosses are grossly overpowered. I often thought this was a map issue, however according to many people who frequent the server, our server is the most difficult server to beat this map. I have played with setting after setting, adjusted tickrate, removed and added sourcemod extensions and plugins. Nothing seems to help at all Sad.

Has anyone else run into this isssue? What type of information about my server would you need to help me discover the problem.

*Note: We have had this problem for months now and we also just recently moved to a brand new dedi. Very powerful dedicated server and it still has this issue. Gameplay is much smoother though, haha Smile.

Information about my Dedicated Box:
Processor: Intel E3-1240
Hard Drive: 500GB
Network: ColoCrossing
OS: Windows Server 2008 SP1 64-bit

Game Addons & Extensions:
Sourcemod 1.4.1-Stable
Metamod 1.8.7-Stable

Let me know if you need a plugin/extension list.
It honestly seems like a map issue :O
Did you try downloading the same version of the map that other servers have?
Also if that doesn't help maybe try a full reinstall on the server
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