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Hi everyone

Im a admin for a Gaming Website called EpicSA (

And i need some advice on Gaming Servers i should host...

We have dedicated servers... and we would like to run as many games as possible.... (In South Africa) due to the lack of South African Gaming Servers....

Could you guys give me some games i can host with Linux Smile

Even if its not SRCDS games related... Please i could do with some help/advice.

Many Thanks guys Smile
Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, DoD, DoD:S, Garry's Mod and so on..
HldsUpdateTool.exe Wrote:C:\Users\Brandon\Desktop\hlds\hldsupdatetool.exe -command list
Checking bootstrapper version ...
** 'game' options for Source DS Install:

"Counter-Strike Source"

** 'game' options for HL1 DS Install:


** 'game' options for Third-Party game servers:


Press any key to continue . . .
There, have a list from hldsupdatetool...
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yea CSS, TF2 top 2 i would run. lol u should donate one to me Big Grin
Whats the legality on getting sponsors from companys and in return putting in game decal banners on the walls of the game?
What's "legality"? I don't see a problem having ads in-game for sponsors, just make sure you get their permission to use their image in-game tho. May be copyrighted.

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