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Limit server fps
Hi I have a server, and on server i have a few hlds server. Im runing fun servers like zombi survival/deathrun etc (uge servers with 32 slot)

How can i limit the server fps? Server using too cpu.

Can i limit the fps around 500 with sys_ticrate 1000?

The one of biggest host in hungary. Running servers, with sys_ticrate 1000 at 500 fps (,view.html?arg[0]=149035)

An they can run server with 1000fps on same machine. How can they limit the fps?
HL1 frame rate is tied into how fast the server runs along with animations. i disassembled the hl1 engine before and came up with a similar feature as the -tickrate on source engine which would allow you to basically have 500 fps but 100 tickrate etc, but it wanst a very good idea because it caused animations to either go too slow or too fast, doors would be too fast or too slow, and AI bots would spin around either fast or slow. sys_ticrate 500 = 500 fps sys_ticrate 1000= 1000 fps, sys_ticrate 0 = unlimited fps if you hack the swds.dll to get past 1000 fps. i suggest not going over 200 fps on goldsrc as you really don't want server running world snapshots faster than 5 microseconds. FPS is capped to 100 on goldsrc anyway so client's cant receive updates faster than 10 microseconds

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