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Admin Rank with Mani?
I was just wondering if it was possible that i can change a setting so that if im in the server and there are like other admins in the server that they wont be able to use like map change and stuff because im there? Is that possible?
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as far as i know you can't do that with mani, but it would be kinda nice, if you could set it like if this persons in, then this person gets his admin blocked.. maybe try postin it on the mani forums and see if he can impliment that in v1.2. although that would be some pretty tricky set up...
Yea that would be really awsome because alot of times im in there and people do map changes and stuff lol. O well hopefully it will come out soon.
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yea.. it would be nice if it wasn't set be default, but for those who wanted it they could change a couple cvars, and set something else and get it. the best i can tell you though is tell mani about it! lol he doesn't know to do it if no one tells him, and none the less the more people that tell him the more likely it will be that he does it.
I dont know y but i <3 helping people on forums.

ok, if u have mani you can restrict admins or everyone to not be able to change the map. In the srcds folder go under cstrike and scroll down till you see maplist.txt AND mapcycle.txt. Open them up and delete every map you dont want to use or you dont want people to change to.


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