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srcds dropping clients missing map
Hello, I'm running an srcds server and im using a sv_Download url fast dl ftp host and whenver someone joins they get a missing map error, It only says in the console (name) connected (name) disconnected and it happens to everyone, My net_maxfilesize is set to 64 the map is 22 mbs, i'm running tf2 on the server, What am i doing wrong?
bump, it's actually map differs from server, even for people who have never downloaded the map before.
bump i neeeeed helppppp
bump bump bump no one can connect!
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i ran into the same issue, heres what i did to fix the issue and now it works.

What most tutorials dont show you is that the sounds folder also needs to be in the cstrike Dir on your web server side.

By default the maps are in cstrike/maps/
By default the sounds are in cstrike/sounds/

1: So on your web server side make sure you keep the same Dir Structure

2: in your server config make sure the sv_downloadurl line reads:
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"

That should do it. Also remember to set permissions to your folder on web site so people can read, write, execute (0777)

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