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Why does my Dedicated Server is slow?
I already have at least year half the problem with my Dedicated Server.
What is it I'll try to explain here:

Six months ago my Dedicated Server still functioned 100% reliably and were on the speed very well.
But now in the last 3 months I noticed a lot of big slowdown!
It does not matter what game run on my Dedicated Server (Left4Dead2, Counter-Strike Source and etc ...) The problem I have with all the games!
Other visitors (players what connects to my dedicated server) have no problems with slowdown or laggy and etc ...
But when I connect to my dedicated server to host over the choice Lan I have problems with fluency and speed of the game: (
And it does not matter if I have the lowest 5 ms ping (latency), it plays no role in my problem, despite my low ping I slow down the game
Half a year, I formatted and reinstal my Windows 7 And since then have shown problems with my games slowing down mainly to the dedicated server.

My PC is:

-Motherboard: Asus M4N78
-Source: ATX 550 watts
-Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6 GHz Quad Core True
-RAM: DDR2 4x1024
-Graphics card: AMD ASUS EAH 6870 DirectCU/2DI2S / 1 GB GDDR5 4200MHz + Core 915 MHz
-OS: Windows 7 Ultimate DirectX 11
-Hard-drive: 1000 Gigabytes

My Internet: 16 / 1 megabyte

Never before had any problems with slowing games.
But at present it remains this problem ((

My PC is 100% pure without any virus or other harmful substances. Currently I am running background applications into a pile of over 30 running processes (system + applications running applications Windows users) I have almost 0 to 10% load MY CPU is idle. A load of ram at a standstill from 17% to 25%.
I have the latest drivers for my hardware.
I suspect if this problem is not turned on a vertical sync. But it should be turned off and not use it at all. So really do not know where the problem may be :-/
umm maybe its interent or ur settings for teh server or how many servers u r running
your upload speed is too slow to host servers from
Go to and post your result here (the image). There IS a difference between Mbps, Mbit, MB/s and Mb. If you have one megabyte upload you _should_ be able to host a 16 slot server.

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