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Server Bandwidth Usage
So, I am thinking about buying a somewhat cheap computer to host cs: source servers for my clan instead of paying $20/month/server. I've seen a lot of articles on hardwware requirements such as RAM usage, CPU usage, etc, but I am wondering how much bandwidth a srcds server would use.

I am currently with Verizon FiOS and the results just said I'm getting around 30Mbps download and around 25mbps upload. Would this cause any issues with lag? Is there a per player estimate of how much bandwidth an srcds server would use? I'm sure you've gotten these questions a lot, but I just wanted to ask.

I am also thinking about hosting several servers on one machine... multiple pubs(24 slots each) and multiple scrim servers(12 slots each).

If you have any advice for me, it would be much appreciated.
[Image: 800px-Net_graph_annotated2.jpg]

Area 4

This area shows the current bandwidth usage. The in/out show the size in bytes of the last incoming and outgoing packet. The k/s shows the kilobytes per second (rolling average) recently seen in each direction.

Traffic from my VPS TF2 32slot:
[Image: 065401654065160asd.gif]

I use Dropbox as Fastdownload.
My dedicated server which I host 5 servers on (sv_maxrate 100000) uses about 7 MB per second at the most. Anyhow, that line will handle a 24 slot server, I'm almost certain of it.
it will handle three to four 32 slot servers. i run two full 32 slot servers with the same connection as you
#5, go there and post your result. 3 - 4 32 slot servers? Forget it.

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