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Server gets full at 6, server settings are at maxplayers set to 24.
Server OS = Windows 7 home premium 64bit
CPU= Intel core 2 duo e8400 @ 3.00GHz
RAM= 7.00 GB
Game= Team fortress 2
Start up command= -game tf -autoupdate -console -port 27014 +maxplayers 24 +map cp_gravelpit
Admin Mods= SourceMod

Its a bot server, when humans join it kicks bots and it fills up with humans.
But im having a weird problem, When there is 6 humans no one can join, it says the server is full. The server is set to Maxplayers 24.
Also When i see my server while im in game on the servers list, It says 0/ when i left click on server, select view server information it says 0/24. Outside of team fortress 2, on the steam servers list also shows 0/24.
Im hopeing someone can help me fix this problem. Thank you for your time.
Post your server.cfg remove RCON Password.

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