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SRCDS: Counter-Strike Source Server Problems?
I used to use the 'Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server' in the steam/tools. Everything worked OK...I was able to start a server with the maps I had built for CS:Source, and have friends and other random people on the net join in.
Then, last fall (Oct.2011), the steam 'Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server' didn't work. "Never fear", I thought. So I installed SRCDS. That too, worked for a time, with no limitations.
Then, after the new year, SRCDS never worked! It seemed that after the new client update, trying to run a Source server with SRCDS, don't work!
I have no problem running a Condition Zero server, using both methods. So why not CS:S? My main concern is server not showing up on master list. Its says in the console,

" Failed to load Steam Service"
"Servicestart: failed to start"

previously, this was not an issue, it used to say something like, steam ip address obtained, and then another 'ip' message.

I think SRCDS and Steam and Valve are not on the same track anymore or making a CSS server is not possible anymore....
We need an updated version(2012) on how to create a server.
Thanks in Advance
if you r server is not on master list then ur server is not online. only u can go on ur server. you have to portfoward ur ports for CSS

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