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Problems downloading files
hi there i have tryed 2 times today to install srcds for CS:S but i keep stopping/freezing at this point

downloading C:\srcds\hl2\sound\npc\fast_zombie\claw_strike3.wav

anyideas whats up. the server i am renting is windows 2003 if that helps .
it just freezes? doesn't output an error or anything?

you say renting, so its on a dedicated box? and whats the cmd line your using to download the server.
yeah it just freezes and it doesn't output an error this is the command line i use hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\srcds i had no problems before useing this its just that we are installing on a new box.
hmm... how long have you let it sit "frozen" maybe its just hangin a bit. cuz usually if something actually goes wrong it will put out an error, like a winsock error is the most common. so maybe just let it sit for a while, like as much as 10 minutes and see if it will kinda pick up where it left off, or maybe if nothing else eventually it will shoot out an error, lol.
well i just left it over night and it still gave no errors and it was in the same spot but i have now fixed the problem by stopping the install downloaded the file that i found on the net and uploaded it to server and then restarted the install and it fixed then problem.

thanx for takeing your time reply to this and all your help.
thats goofey.. hmm maybe steam had a problem with that file on there server or something? i dont know.. thats got me confused.. but glad you fixed it =)
here try this.
C:srcds\hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds
try copy and past that in consle and press enter mabe that work.
Also, with the new update it took me about 1 day and a half to acctually get my download started. when an update is out, many MANY admins are trying to get it and it makes it hard to download files.
mmmm it workd for me right away on both servers. hehe it must of just like me or something. both servers updated in about a half hour..

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