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Greetings server admins!

Since I take a lot of interest in the server I just painstakingly constructed, and due to the odd issue with the Thread termination (aka. Whitelisted update error), I decided to do some application re-start up research.

I found this little program:

It monitors any and all programs you want it to, at any time interval you wish down to 30 seconds (0.50 minutes) and if it detects a stopped program, it will auto-start it back up for you.

Best of all, this little doohicky is absolutely free. Perfect if you want to go to bed and not really worry about having your server [FAYL] during the long, lonely night.

Keep on the road, admins!

[Image: b_350_20_15A2E0_11223B_96FA4C_FFFFFF.png]

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