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Automatic end of match screenshots
At the end of matches most if not all gamming ladders players need to have screen shots of the scores, can the server automaticaly do this for the players?

Does anyone know if this is possible, if so what is the dedicated server command for server.cfg?

Cheers for your help in advance. Big Grin

Forgot to mention, the game mainly in question is Day of Defeat Source (DoD:S). Toungue
Do my knowledge that is a client option to have auto screenshots. The server cannot take screenshots. However with Mani or Mattie's Eventscripts you could code a script to have players exec the screenshot command
yea i don't think the server itself could take a screenshot.. that would be pretty complicated if it was too. to screen shot the whole map (since thats what the server sees) would have to be a huge 3d model.
Thank you to one and all for posting!

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