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Not on server list???
Hi, I am new to the forums and I was wondering if someone could help me with my dedicated server problem. I am running a dedicated server using srcds on windows vista. I have forwarded all of the required ports in order to run a garrys mod dedicated server but for some reason it does not show up on the master server list under the internet tab. I have been searching for a solution for this for almost a week now, reading the same posts over and over again just looking for some advice. I read on one that I would not be able to see my own server under the internet tab because I am on the same network. I had my friends look for it using specific sv_tags, regions, and map variants but none of them could find it. It has been confirmed that my friends and I can connect to my dedicated server via ip by adding it to the favorites list, right clicking on my name in their friends list and joining my game, and joining from their server history. If people can connect to me and join, that means that my ports must be forwarded correctly, otherwise they would not be able to join. In the server log I get connection to steam servers successful and that it is VAC secured.

my server is hosted on a Windows Vista 32-bit operating system and it is on a wireless network

People can join me via the ip, but my server does not show up on the Master server list under the internet tab meaning no new people Sad

i have port 26901 UDP(described as being the port for the master server list) forwarded to the ip address of my laptop, which hosts the server as well as every other port required

my laptop has a static lan ip of and a default gateway of, my router is a GigasetSE567/8 series under Frontier communications.

I have UPNP enabled in the router settings (if it makes a difference?) and have tried putting my laptop on dmz

My friends and I have not experienced any lag whatsoever on the server

I turned off windows firewall and allowed ICMP traffic by putting in the command in the command prompt

sorry for the long post but i really could use some help here. This is my first time setting up a dedicated server and i would really like others to join without me having to give them the ip. If anyone has any solutions or any advice no matter how useful it is it will be much appreciated.

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