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srcds and master server list
I wanted to make my own dedicated garrys mod server so I used the srcds tutorial on the gmod wiki. It was a great tutorial and it helped me set up my server. After I got it all set up and working, verified my friends could join after I gave them the ip, I was excited to start maintaining my own server. However, after i noticed no one else was joining i soon realized my server was not showing up on the master server list. I had many friends try to find our server on the internet tab by placing regions sv_region 1, and putting specific sv_tags that would make it easier to find. Nope, People can connect to my server through their friends list, or by adding my wan ip to their favorites an joining through their favorites and history, but it is not on the master server list. I added my server to gametracker even and it gave me my server name and map type. I have a GigasetSE567 router and i made sure all of the required ports offered by the gmod wiki tutorial were forwarded. I also set my server on dmz just in case. In the console, i get "connection to steam servers successful" and "This server is VAC secured". I left the server running 24 hours + and over night and not a single client connected or even tried to connect. It saddens me to think i put in over 10 hours plus on making a decent server to only have 2 people play on it. Any help or advice is appreciated please. I am new with CVAR commands so if there is a command like "setmaster" i can use (this does not work apparently i get setmaster is an unknown command) please let me know im just determined to get this on the master server list.

my server log does not say anything about adding master servers it just simply says
executing config file
connection to steam servers sucessful
Their has been some problems with the master lists lately. They are working on fixing it.
~ trewq
(01-02-2012, 03:22 PM)Goilio Wrote:  Their has been some problems with the master lists lately. They are working on fixing it.

Am I supposed to see "adding master server ect." at the end of my server log? Is that caused by the problem. every forum i go to tells me to add setmaster to my server.cfg but setmaster is not recognized anymore.

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