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Greetings everyone!

So, I just went through the awesome-ness of setting up my very first Dedicated Server, with particular attention to CS:S & Zombiemod.

I loaded the htupdatetool, downloaded the full 800mb (or however much that takes a while and getting the RUN commandline to work properly actually took time too).

Now, after I have everything finished, a server.cfg is in the cstrike/cfg folder, complete and ready to run.

For the grand fanale, I double click Srcds.exe.... ANNNDD.... nothing. Nothing happens at all, no window, no console, not even a little blinky Harddrive light to indicate it's chewing on bits&zeros. I attempted to use the RUN command to activate the console with pre-programmed specs and the works. Zero. Nothing.... NADA.

Any help would be appreciated Smile


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create a shortcut to srcds and put inthe target line: -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2
Worked perfectly, Thank you click4dylan *click*

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