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people cant connect to my server PERIOD
I set up a small windows xp computer in my closet so i can run a tf2 server 24/7 with low maintance/low power. There are NO mods on there what so ever. I have the ports that I need open on my fire wall. my McAfee fire wall and windows firewalls are all down on the pc and yet no one can connect to it. My friend says that when he tries to join it says "the server is not responding" This is Very strange because the old server on my work pc is STILL running 100% ok. My work pc is on the same network but its win7 so i dont think its the router. Idk what the hells happening but i need this xp pc to work if want the server to live.

xp pc specs
RAM/ 1gb

CPU/ P4 3.2Ghz
I dont really know what your setup is like but i will try to help the best i can.

do you have a static ip? maybe the ip changed on you so your ports dont work anymore? did your friend put in :27015 after the wan ip you gave him?
What IP are you giving your friend.
Post a Screen Shot of your port forwarding.
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Probably a good thing to see if you can join it via the local ip first. That would let you know the server is running and accepting connections.


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