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Upstream per Slot
On an average server, with no custom content, how much upload bandwidth should I have per slot?

If I have say, 5mb/s upload, then how many slots should the server be?
24-28 slots. my 32 slot server uses up a full 5mbps flat
My 32 slot server uses about 3 megabytes per second if everyones spamming the hell out of it. My 24 slot server uses about 2.5 mb per second.
I saw this table on a server setup guide for css.

[Image: graphxx.jpg]
(01-04-2012, 05:24 AM)Pringlez Wrote:  I saw this table on a server setup guide for css.

[Image: graphxx.jpg]

This table is no longer accurate as css now uses the orange box engine
~ trewq
Won't bandwidth used also be determined by your maxrate and updater/cmdrate?

It seems the new maxrate is 100,000 whereas it used to be only 20,000. Does that mean I should assume the game is using 5x more bandwidth now?
Is having a maxrate of 100k really necessary for smooth gameplay with registering hits? I used to be able to host 16 players with my 800Kbps upload connection, and now I can hardly host for 8 with my 1Mbps upload connection. Probably because of these damn rates.
For CSS if you want a leet server
you will want 100 tickrate
and a cl_cmdrate 80 and cl_updaterate 80 minimum enforced
This will create the best reg in a server, it's very bandwidth intensive though. Most servers enforce a crap 33 and the reg feels so bad. 66 minimum for cl_cmdrate


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