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Players in Map Radar appear same color!
Server OS: Windows Server 2003 32-bit
Processor: 2 x Dual Quad core 2.66 mhz
Ram: In GB. 4 GB
Game(s): Counter-Strike Source MOD: Bomd / Defuse & Hostage rescue (Classic)
Admin Mods: Mani,

For somehow as an exemple if you are on T side, in the radar map, thye will show blue, like if you are on CT and you even get one that will show green etc...

Is there a way to have the good old red color for "T" and blue for "CT" back? Or is this a bug?
What is this? Everyone must be having the same issue as I have seen this on other servers than mine. No one cares about what they see in the radar map? There has to be a way to set this so it doesn't do this. I am on T and for somehow I get to a point where my own team mate shows as a CT on the radar map and vice versa!

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