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New Error
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This is a new CS:S error that I just started getting. The server still runs but the game crashes. Sad
so your game client is doin this?... hmmm.. i very randomly get this error, like as in the past over year i have gotten it twice.. no idea why. lol
I get this error as well, but only when I alt-tab from the game, and then try to resume.

Steam is aware of the issue and doesn't consider it a bug:

From the Steam support site (direct link to post):
Quote:The 'Failed to lock index buffer' error will occur when you Alt+Tab to switch between windows while playing a game and your machine is unable to allocate sufficient memory to render graphics when you switch back to your game window.

The best solution for this behavior is to properly exit the game to return to your desktop so you may work with other applications.
There are reports that matching your desktop resolution to your in-game resolution helps. If you have automatic processes that run and dump you out of the game (like some automated virus scanners), you might try running HL in windowed mode.
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