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is there a program to boost srcds fps ?
no, you have to modify the engine.dll. but whether or not it provides any benefits is up to you
do u kno how to modify it ?
yes but im not going to help you
can u explain or give a basic ?
if you use the search function i already wrote a tutorial a while back
can i have a link to that section
FPS is capped for a reason.
Increased FPS does NOT improve gameplay.
The ONLY thing high-FPS servers has done is create a rip-off business where companies can charge $150 for a 12-slot 2000 FPS server that plays just as well as a $20 12-slot server.
If players on your server demand higher FPS, explain to when what FPS actually means for a server (nothing).
If you would like to rip-off your customers by selling high FPS server, don't.
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