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Are client fps affected by the server?
Hello there!

I came up with a strange issue here.

One friend who manages my css private server (matchmaking , scrims , mixes , etc.) told me that sometimes he and his buddies had consecutive fps drops ( I mean mostly in places where they expect to have 200 or 180 fps for example , but they have 80 or 69).

They insist that this is because of the server although I found it difficult to believe it because i claim that client fps are only affected client-side. In other servers , at the same map , they said that they are fine (no fps drops).

So what's your opinion about this? Are the client fps really affected by the server ? If yes , could you tell me what's the problem with the server and how to fix it?

Thank you very much and merry christmas!!!
has nothing to do with the server, although on HLDS (cs 1.5, tfc, etc) the server's frame rate does have an impact on the client depending on if you're running on pre-steam versions of hlds (too high of a framerate/ticrate causes clients to lag considerably when jumping or performing animations)

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