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You do not have this 3rd party mod installed
I been having a problem getting the source multiplayer dedicated server working for the past couple of months. I was hoping valve would come out with a fix by now... One of the updates valve makes us download messed up my dedicated server and people (including me) are not able to join my server.

I cannot join the server because it says "You do not have this 3rd party mod installed." Anyone know a fix for this?

Its for counter strike source and I'm running Windows7. I have ran a successful source multiplayer dedicated server before and played it on the same computer.

I had a friend test it out and see if it works and it gives him a steam validation error and he cannot join. I've already made steam_appid.txt (240) and it worked before everything started not working.

My last resort if I cannot fix this is downloading hldsupdatetool, but my dedicated server is not for running a seroius server. It's just for friends. I don't want to go through the hassle of making a seperate HDD.

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