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srcds windows 7 32 bit
Hello. I am upgrading my machine in a week or two but there are a few questions i need to know.
Let me give you the specs first:
Server specs now:
processor: intel core 2 duo e4500 @ 2.20 ghz 2 cores
ram: 1 gb
operating system: windows home server 2008
Upgraded machine specs:
Processor: intel core 2 duo e8200 @ 2.67ghz(overclocked to 3.28 ghz) 2 cores
ram: 3 gb
operating system: windows 7 32 bit

I shutted down all the processes.
But my real question here is operating systems, will it be an big upgrade with the current operating systems? Is windows 7 buggy with srcds?
Im making a test server now but i don't know what to expect when it gets players on it.
Im hoping it will be a huge upgrade in fps.
Both servers use 10 mbps upload.
it's a maxplayer 24 surf dm rpg server.
To test it out with all the other little mods, ip:
Im just hoping it will be a HUGE upgrade please tell me!
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I doubt switching from windows 2008 to windows 7 will give you any change except windows 7 eating more ram, and more crappy background services (haha).
If you want to get maximum of operation system you should consider linux or spend few days adjusting your windows by disabling all the crap it has, like 100 scheduled services (for example windows hardware indexing kicking in at 2AM or something like this, totally owning all your programs while running)
I believe in general 3.2ghz should be enough for 24 players dm servers. and as long as you have 2 cores running 2 servers is absolutely safe.
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