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Create 2 or more server at same time
Hi all,

Does anybody know how can I create two or more srcds server at same time, but running differents server.cfg files?

In addition, how can I bring up each server that I want to input line commands?

Tks and regards,

Luis Carlos
easiest way: create two different installations of srcds. then simply start both with different ports. there is nothing special about running more then one srcds... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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there is an argument in launch options where you specify server config file, example:
+servercfgfile server2.cfg
it's usually recommended to have 2 installations if more than 1 file wiill in most cases differ, as well as logging issue.
Best Regards,

I applied the command +servercfgfile server2.cfg and it´s working!!!!

Thanks and regards!!!

Luis Carlos


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