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Can't get server to show using external IP
I've been trying to fix this problem for ages, but didn't stumble upon this site till now.

I'll give you a rundown of what I've got going:

I'm using a D-Link DI-604_revE using a special Verizon firmware (updated)
I have the following ports forwarded/open:
UDP 1200
UDP 27020
TCP 27015
TCP 27030-27039 (Don't know, found this somewhere)
UDP 27000-20715

I'm sure some of these aren't needed, but hey...

My internal IP is, my DHCP range is set from

Now heres what happens. If I launch HLDS using "+ip -port 27015" it launches fine, and I can see it using my internal IP. It won't show using external IP. At one point, I had it showing but using a random port...but I can't recreate it.

I've tried changing +ip to my external IP, but get the Could not allocate UDP port error. I also read somewhere to try using something outside my DHCP range, and tried which also gave the UDP error.

Any help would be appreciated...and sorry if I'm missing something, but I've looked all over and tried time and time again to get this working.
Open up more ports and also forward them to your internal IP:

[Image: open_poorten.jpg]
[Image: banner.gif]

alright, for one the only port that needs to be open is 27015 tcp and udp. and this random port assigning is something that d-link routers do. i have heard of someone getting it to work right by down-grading the firmware.
Skelator once again:


With just 27015 udp and tcp open will work, but not fully: VAC, RCON over internet, Gamemonitors....etc.

Just to be clear: these are the servers I'm running (+ servers from friended communities which I maintain).
[Image: banner.gif]

Downgrading isn't really an option, as I have to use a special Verizon firmware developed by D-Link. To the best of my knowledge, there are no old versions for download.

And Hollanda, I have all those ports open that you showed...still the same problem.
if you look here on steams site.. it says you only need to forward port 27015 for srcds here

and if you look here you will see what them other ports are needed for, and it once again says you only need port 27015 open, and 27020 for hltv... soo stop argueing with me.. its pointless.

and thats the only way to get it to work with a d-link router.. otherwise it will just assign a random port.
Skelator do or did you even try running a server yourself? I had troubles in the past when not all ports were opened. Especially for the functions I described (AC, RCON over internet, Gamemonitors....etc.).

For TS: these ports need to be open in your software firewall asswell!

If you are now using a windows batchfile, try using: or serverchecker (

Also: dit you forward the internet ports to your internal ip ( And set this ip on your server as default, not DHCP.
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Im backing Skeletor up with this one as both of us are Experts when it comes to the SRCDS engine...

Ports 27015 are used for the game (default) and that is the RCON port. Many servers use that port so all they need to open is 27015, however if they use say 27016 they need 27015 open too for TCP/UDP traffic.

SRCTV Used 27020 by default, but if an admin plans to use this option they already know what ports they need, there is even a command to change the SRCTV port (tv_port 27020 is the command).

So for regular server admins using port 27015, 27015 TCP/UDP will be perfect.

VAC Uses whatever port the game is hooked to so the server will be secure if they have that single port open.

Skeletor knows what he is talking about as do I so please stop trying to make your point

thank you mister zealot.

and hollanda, yea, currently i run 2 different servers.

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